The first happiness at work and engagement platform

Engagement monitoring, feedback campaigns, and recognition at work, all in one platform.

They use Supermood


Engage your employees one step at a time

Monitor your employees' engagement, create a feedback culture and boost recognition in your teams

Take the pulse of your company

Monitor your team's engagement by asking employees one question: the eNPS. Discover the ambassador teams of your company and those at risk.
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Give a voice to your employees

Ask simple, actionable questions and collect useful feedback! Choose among our 10 drivers and 150 questions or create your own. New : discover our targeted feedback campaigns!
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Improve recognition amongst your teams

Establish a culture of gratitude with a simple and free way for your coworkers to thank each other, once a week.
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Improve your employees well-being, engagement and productivity

Be data-driven !

Forget about intuition and learn precisely what actions are expected from your teams. Discover which actions will have a real impact on your coworkers' experience. Welcome to HR 3.0 :)

The company of tomorrow is happy !

By providing your employees a mean to express themselves, you will gather thousands of ideas to bring happiness in your company. Happiness at work is no longer an option :)

Improve your employer brand

If you listen to your employees' expectations and are transparent, you will reduce your turnover and attract (and keep) the best talents. Magic ! :)

Thanks to Supermood, we have made deep changes in our company culture

Marc Sabatier
CEO at Julhiet Sterwen

Adopt a next-generation HR platform

Launch Supermood and relax

  • Fast setup with our SuperTeam
  • Entire flexibility on frequency, time.
  • We handle e-mailing, alerts and translations.
  • Auto-pilot mode

Implement a feedback culture

  • +150 questions backed by science
  • Answers are completely anonymous
  • Friendly, fun and trustful tone !
  • With Supermood, average rate response is 80% !
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Collect useful data

  • Access your results in real time
  • View your latest big changes at a glance
  • Filter your results by team or context
  • Receive a full monthly report
  • Share your reports to management
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